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JDS “Gasser” Spec Class


1973 or earlier (1/24 or 1/25 Scale) must be plastic or resin door car base
kit body, Standard and Altered wheelbase, Sedans, Trucks, Station Wagons
and Topless/roadsters is allowed. Wheel wells may be altered. Must have
model kit motor with headers, rear bumper, parachutes. Hood not required.

Must resemble a Gasser styles cars.

No Center Drivers are allowed.
No rear wings.
No Vacuum form bodies.

Full interior - Can be a vacuum form or Model Kit base or Choice....

JDS2013 – Gasser Chassis, bearings NOT allowed.
Wheelie bars 2.5in. maximum length?

Rear Tires:
Must have Scale wheels 1/2in. minimum
Minimum tire height 1.125
Minimum width 0.425

Front Wheels/Tire:
¾ in. wheel
Scale appearing Front tire minimum height 1in.

Body Height
Body must stay above 1/2in. minimum off the track.

Note: That means that the lowest you can have your body is 1/2in.
from track. It can be higher in the front.

Index 1.320    ----   on a .500 lite

JDS gasser

JDS gasser

JDS gasser

JDS Ford Gasser

JDS gasser
New JDS Racing " Gasser " Chassis Coming in Oct.
JDS gasser

JDS Gasser

JDS Gasser

JDS Gasser

36 Ford JDS
JDS3037 - Ford Coupe FED Body (Styrene)
36 Ford Comp Coupe........Part#JDS3037

Part # JDS2012 – Nostalgia “Digger’ Chassis        Retail price $36.99

New Alter Chassis

New Alter Chassis

New Alster Chassis
JDS2010 - fiat chassis Plus Rollcage (In Stock) Retail Price $33.99
   JDS3036 - fiat body (In Stock) Retail Price $9.00  
 ***Note on Fiat chassis: Front coil spring in picture not included ***


Part # JDS3038 - 31' Bantam Coupe Body
Styrene body (Fits the Fiat Chassis)
Retail Price $9.00


JDS3043 - Ford Sedan FED Body (Styrene)

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